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Tonometry Consultation


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Tonometry Consultation

Tonometry is a quick and simple test that checks the pressure inside your eyes. The results can help your doctor see if you’re at risk for glaucoma. Glaucoma is a disease in which the nerve of the eye (the optic nerve) is gradually damaged over time, resulting in a loss of vision. This disease is often associated with increased eye pressure. Identifying this elevated eye pressure and trying to lower it is the only known way to prevent blindness from glaucoma. Early screening can help protect your eyesight and slow down vision loss.

Why Do I Need This Test?

Your eyes are filled with different fluids that keep them healthy. New fluid is constantly being made and old fluid drained out. But if this drainage system gets plugged, the fluids build up. That causes the pressure inside your eyes to rise.

Sometimes the pressure is caused by an eye injury or trauma. Once your eye heals, everything may go back to normal. But some people have a drainage system that doesn’t work like it should.

Over time, high pressure inside your eye can damage your optic nerve, which sends images from your eyes to your brain. Left untreated, it can cause glaucoma.

Since the disease usually does not have symptoms, regular eye exams are a good idea. Your eye doctor will check your eye pressure by doing a tonometry test. She can also track any changes in pressure over time.

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